Pylon Signs

Australia Wide
Of course!
Over a Century

Create impactful engagement with this literal branding elevation.

Pylon signs are all about generating a “wow” factor. Seen from a distance, pylon signs should be designed to make a memorable first impression.

Pylon signs; free-standing structures usually 2m to 25m tall or above, are fabricated structures used as location identifiers. Positioned to showcase a company brand, or a group of brands, for visitors they are complex structures of steel framing, cladding and illuminated displays. Depending on their height, pylon signs provide a high brand visibility, day and night, from considerable distances. 

Pylon signs, being complex structures of steel framing, cladding and illuminated displays, must meet strict structural safety regulations. And in certain parts of Australia, they must also be built to withstand cyclones! At Landells, every pylon sign is carefully 3D CAD designed and certified, with engineering computations completed before moving on to manufacturing and quality installation.

From obtaining the proper permits to providing precise engineering drawings, Landells Signs has the expertise to produce high-impact pylon signs that are built to last.

“Switching to Landells couldn’t have been easier. We’ve trusted them with all of our signage work since!”